Weaning Baby Off Breast Milk Before Six Months

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Generally there are elements outdoors of 1’s management that result in weaning child off breast milk earlier than six months. It may be disappointing and disheartening. Nothing tops the bond felt whereas breastfeeding. Nonetheless, typically, a bottle of system is what’s greatest.

There aren’t any onerous, quick guidelines as to find out how to wean child off breast milk earlier than six months; nonetheless, there are two tried and true ways in which have traditionally labored greatest.

weaning baby off breast milk before six months

The High Two Methods of Weaning Child Off Breast Milk Earlier than Six Months

1.  Enlist the assistance of your partner or that of a detailed relative.

My physique wasn’t producing sufficient breast milk: it was time to wean my second youngster. Dwelling in San Antonio, Texas, my lady was born as spring started to warmth issues up round us. Regardless of my massive consumption of water and energy alike, regardless of the intervention of medicine (beneath a health care provider’s supervision) that was meant to assist improve my milk provide, my physique merely wasn’t cooperating and my daughter desperately wanted extra vitamin than I used to be capable of supply her.

At three months of age, too younger to have most issues launched (outdoors of system) into her cycle of feedings, I wanted assist! My husband was touring for his job, and was going to be gone for a two-week stretch. Utilizing airline miles, we bought a mileage ticket for my mom to fly from Michigan to Texas for the help in extra-hands and help.

Infants have a sixth sense of their capability to scent breast milk. Like a bloodhound they’ll scent you from miles away! This will make weaning child off breast milk earlier than six months extremely tough. When enlisting the assistance of your accomplice, or that of a detailed relative, the bottom line is to isolate your self out of your youngster instead caregiver introduces a bottle to them. First, introduce a bottle full of breast milk, then bottles full of a combination of breast-milk and system; then, transition to system feeding your youngster solely.

Each time my daughter wanted to eat, for every week, I left the room. I segregated myself in my bed room and closed the door behind me. After three days my daughter had begun accepting breast milk blended with system, through a bottle, with out crying or criticism. By the top of a seven-day stretch, I started feeding her bottles of system myself changing my mom’s substitution. My daughter accepted bottles from me with out looking for out my breast!

My milk provide had steadily decreased of its personal accord. With my milk provide low, engorgement ache was minimal as my physique totally shut down its milk manufacturing. The expertise of weaning my second youngster early wasn’t what I had needed; nonetheless, the transition (after the primary three days) all I might’ve hoped for! My daughter grew to become more healthy, happier, and steadily gained weight. I went from careworn to blessed. My physique hadn’t been capable of sustain along with her calls for, however with an intervention of system I used to be capable of meet all of her wants.

weaning baby off breast milk before six months

2.  Regularly introduce new meals alongside of breast milk.

One other approach of weaning child off breast milk earlier than six months is to introduce new meals alongside of your breast milk. Begin with rice cereal, combine with water or breast milk, and permit child to get used to the feel. Add fruit puree into your child’s day by day meals consumption subsequent!

Pureed fruits, whether or not selfmade or purchased from the shop, are known as stage 1 meals. Applesauce, bananas,and apricots are all nice decisions to start your child’s “stable” meals journey.

Introduce new meals at three-day intervals. For instance, attempt rice cereal for 3 days, then rice cereal for breakfast and applesauce at lunchtime. Observe a sample. Do the identical when introducing different fruits too.

In case your milk provide isn’t satisfying your child’s urge for food: Feed your toddler breast milk earlier than meal-times. After breastfeeding, supply your child the rice cereal and/or pureed fruits and veggies. Do that each time your toddler is hungry. As soon as your child has begun accepting new meals, start introducing your breast milk inside a bottle.

When your toddler begins accepting breast milk inside a bottle, choose one feeding the place your breast milk is blended with system. Persist with this for a number of days earlier than including in two feedings of the breast milk combination. Observe this sample till your entire child’s feedings include a breast milk/system combine.

Then, exchange one feeding at a time with system solely bottles till system has totally changed the beforehand used breast milk combination.

In case your child refuses to take a bottle from you refer again to the #1 approach of weaning child off breast milk earlier than six months: Search out the help of your accomplice or shut relative.

There aren’t any guidelines inside a breastfeeding mother and toddler’s journey. Everybody’s expertise is exclusive. When weaning child off breast milk earlier than six months my hope is you discover one of many high two methods of transitioning to be just right for you and your child. I encourage you to share your experiences under in order that different mamas could discover encouragement from you too!

No worries, mama. You’ve completed your half. You’ve given your child the perfect begin.


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