Transferring from the Bottle to the Sippy Cup

Most kids, by the point they’re about 9 months previous, have the motor abilities wanted to drink from a cup. Should you suppose your child’s able to make the transfer from bottle to sippy cup, strive filling a sippy cup with water and let your baby try to drink from it.

Don’t count on perfection with the primary tries. He’ll in all probability drool, spit and dribble a bit, which can in all probability delight him! However inside just a few weeks and plenty of apply, he’ll be keen to take all his drinks from the sippy cup. He’ll almost definitely be a sippy cup professional by the point he’s about 14 months previous.

Should you begin the transition from bottle to sippy cup early, you’ll save your self frustration – the longer a child stays on the bottle, the harder it’s to get him to kick it. If the bottle is a safety object to your child, select one with a particular favourite animal or character to assist enhance his willingness to try to use it.

“Bottle rot” is frequent concern for fogeys of kids who drink from bottles. A toddler’s tooth are vulnerable to decay if he’s all the time ingesting a sugared drink from it — system, milk, or juice. Pure micro organism in his mouth feed on these sugars and assault the tooth for 20 minutes each time he takes a drink.

What that boils all the way down to is that this: if he’s taking sips from a bottle each couple of minutes for an hour, his tooth are uncovered to the sugars for at the very least 80 minutes. Over time, that causes tooth decay, or ‘bottle rot.’ If he falls asleep, tooth-decay inflicting sugars can pool in his mouth for hours. Kids are much less more likely to nurse drinks for lengthy durations of time in the event that they’re supplied in sippy cups.

One of the best ways to keep away from bottle rot is to provide your baby his drink and have him end it inside about 20 minutes. Then use a toothbrush or washcloth to wipe his tooth clear. By no means put a child in his crib with a bottle or sippy cup.

Lastly, persistently emphasize what a ‘massive boy’ he’s by ingesting from the sippy cup as a substitute of his bottle, and he’ll attain for his sippy cup an increasing number of every day.

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