Sandifer’s Syndrome In Infants – Signs, Prognosis & Therapies

When your toddler suffers, you endure alongside along with her. That’s what makes you a mom! Worrying comes with the territory. As does sleepless nights! Most moms face these points, however you probably have a reflux child, you simply must work somewhat tougher.

Does your child spit up a bit an excessive amount of? Does she arch her again whereas feeding? Is she fussier than different infants her age? Should you answered sure to those questions, your child simply may need reflux. A visit to the physician will make clear your doubts and rule out GERD, reflux’ scarier cousin.

Each Reflux and GERD are widespread amongst infants and infants. Most infants outgrow their reflux by six months of age. And within the majority of instances, infants want no medicine or remedy, simply tons of laundry!

However in some instances, GERD can result in Sandifer’s Syndrome.

What’s Sandifer’s Syndrome?

Sandifer’s syndrome is a dysfunction of the higher gastrointestinal tract with neurological manifestations. It’s seen in each younger infants in addition to adolescents. In scientific lingo, ‘Sandifer syndrome is a mixture of GERD together with spastic torticollis and dystonic physique actions with or with out hiatal hernia’ (1). Although the trigger is but not clear, many specialists counsel that the positioning of the physique throughout an episode could present reduction from stomach discomfort brought on by acid reflux disorder.

Sandifer Syndrome Signs :

The signs of Sandifer’s syndrome are sometimes misinterpreted as seizure. Should you discover any of the next signs, speak to your pediatrician:

    • Arching of the again
    • Sudden motion of the pinnacle and neck to at least one facet, with the legs on the alternative facet
    • Gurgling sounds
    • Irregular eye actions
    • Potential vomiting

Most Sandifer’s syndrome episodes last as long as 1 to three minutes. In extreme instances, these episodes can reoccur as many as ten instances a day!

Here’s a video that exhibits a traditional Sandifer’s Syndrome episode:

Prognosis of Sandifer’s Syndrome:

Should you discover your toddler displaying the above signs, take her to the physician.

  • Your child’s pediatrician will ask about your child’s spasm historical past. Be prepared for questions like ‘what number of instances a day does it happen?’ ‘What time of day?’ and ‘what results in it?’ So, even earlier than you head to the physician, make a remark of your child’s seizure-like episodes. A bit of sleuthing in your half will make the physician’s job simpler.
  • If the physician continues to be uncertain, he could order a video-EEG monitoring to diagnose your toddler’s situation.

Sandifer Syndrome Remedy:

Although the signs of Sandifer syndrome may scare you, don’t panic! Most of the time, your child would require no remedy, except her signs stem from a extreme case of GERD. A foul GERD can hamper your child’s consuming and progress curve. Many GERD infants are recognized as ‘failure to thrive’ (lack of ample progress). If that’s the case, your pediatrician could suggest a number of remedy choices:

  1. Keep away from overfeeding.
  2. Strive growing frequency and lowering quantity of feeds.
  3. Elevate your child’s head whereas feeding her.
  4. Ensure that to burp her for no less than 20 minutes after every feed.
  5. Maintain the infant in an upright place for 20-30 minutes after feeding.

When easy measures fail to cut back reflux, your physician could advise you to:

  1. Present Thickened Feeds: One wonderful means of doing that is to combine rice cereal together with your child’s common system. Breast-fed infants might be given the thickener earlier than their feed.
  2. Switching Formulation: Your pediatrician could advise you to change your child’s system. In case your physician suspects lactose intolerance, he could ask you to attempt a soy-based system.
  3. Treatment: In case not one of the above-mentioned measures work, your physician could attempt Toddler Gaviscon®. Within the case of extreme GERD, Omeprazole may additionally be prescribed.
  4. Surgical procedure: If nothing works and your child exhibits no indicators of enchancment, surgical procedure stands out as the solely approach out. However a surgical procedure is barely thought-about in extraordinarily extreme instances of GERD.

Sandifer’s syndrome in itself isn’t any motive to fret. It’s the underlying trigger – GERD – that wants remedy. The signs of Sandifer’s syndrome are the physique’s protection mechanism in opposition to the ache that comes with reflux and GERD.

If you’re in the midst of a Sandifer’s syndrome episode – don’t panic! It’ll cross. And like most infants, your child too will probably outgrow it before later. However speaking to the physician by no means hurts! So, ebook an appointment at the moment.

Does your little one have Sandifer’s Syndrome? What first alerted you to it? What signs did you little one present? Share your expertise with us within the feedback part beneath.

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