Guidelines when introducing solids to your baby

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Whereas weaning your child is thrilling, this transition may be met with some bumps and twists alongside the best way. As your child begins to make sense of various textures, they might begin to present indicators of fussiness and even sturdy aversions to sure meals. 100 P.c fruit and veg purees are splendid proper from the beginning of introducing stable meals, and may also be useful for introducing totally different textures and transitioning your child from their first meals to extra superior ones. The hot button is to be affected person with each your self and your youngster, and easily take it one step at a time. Keep in mind, what could occur in a single day for some, could take a bit longer for others. And that’s completely okay. Do you know that a youngster’s style may be influenced by what the mom ate throughout being pregnant and whereas breastfeeding? Are you aware too, that whether or not your child was formulation or breastfed, may also impact your child’s style afterward? There are such a lot of contributing elements to think about in the case of infants and their diets as they develop and develop.

The following tips could assist you to and your child on this journey:  

Choose meals textures really useful for the developmental age of your child

Your child will begin on the smoother purees, however as they turn into extra skilled you’ll be able to transition them to extra superior textures like thicker purees and even roughly mashed meals. Attempt Squish 100% apple or pear pouches as a solution to introduce single flavours when beginning to introduce solids. Do not forget that you’ll know when your child is able to advance to the following section by merely listening to how he/she is dealing with their meals. By studying your youngster’s expressions and reactions, it’s going to assist you to to find out when and what they’re prepared for. Extra adventurous flavours can then be launched, corresponding to Squish Butternut, Carrot & Candy potato 100% veg puree, or Squish Pear, Strawberry, and Banana 100% fruit puree.

Observe their lead

As laborious as it might be, let your child eat at their very own tempo and cease feeding once they present indicators of dissatisfaction, which can embrace turning their head away or closing their mouth as they see the spoon approaching. Forcing them to eat will solely create a damaging expertise for you each, and this might have an effect on their willingness to attempt new meals and experiment with new textures. When the child is prepared, the transition to self-feeding and finger meals It’s often at concerning the eight to nine-month mark that infants can sit on their very own, start to choose up meals with their fingers, put a spoon to their mouths, and present a eager curiosity within the meals everybody else is consuming! It’s now time to introduce a extra textured puree. Squish 100% fruit and veg purees can now be mixed with issues like thicker textured oats, or crushed peaches, finely diced hen, and gentle rice. It’s vital to chop issues like beans and grapes into bite-size items to keep away from the hazard of choking.

Implement one single-ingredient meal at a time

It’s at all times a good suggestion to introduce new meals separately after which wait a number of days earlier than making an attempt one other. This offers you key perception into any meals allergy symptoms or intolerances your child could have. The identical applies to totally different textures of meals. In case your youngster strongly dislikes a sure texture, wait a number of days earlier than making an attempt it once more.

Don’t fear concerning the mess

Infants learn to eat and revel in nutritious meals by all of their senses, not solely style. Touching and feeling their meals is all a part of the expertise so be prepared to wash up the mess. Feeling the feel of various meals between their fingers helps them develop their fine-motor and sensory abilities too, one other crucial a part of the mealtime course of.

Extra on introducing solids

  • At all times provide your child water from a sippy cup throughout mealtimes.
  • Put money into some good ground covers and plastic bibs or aprons to keep away from stained clothes.
  • Provide all kinds of meals with an array of various textures.
  • Till they’re consuming a passable quantity of excellent textured finger meals, you should still provide a spoonful of meals in between to satisfy their every day dietary wants.
  • Preserve calm and attempt to follow a great mealtime/snack routine.
  • Make mealtimes a constructive expertise by studying, singing, and speaking to your baby throughout their mealtimes, and attempt to eat collectively as a household from early on.


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